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There are a few options to get from the Cancun Airport (CUN) to your hotel/airbnb in Puerto Aventuras. It’s about an hour drive away.

If you're a group of 5 or more:
We recommend taking a private shuttle, they'll take you directly to your hotel.
- Cost: $25-80 CAD per person depending on number of people in your group.
- Capacity: 8 people

Another option:
Taxi - cost between $80-120 USD, this is good option for 4 passengers or less.

Cheaper Alternative:
Bus to Playa Del Carmen, and then a taxi from there. The bus should cost about $17 CAD and the Taxi about $50.


A really good site that lays this all out for you and gives you links to the shuttle services if you want to book in advance:



It looks like taking public transit all the way isn’t easy, so we recommend getting the taxi/private shuttle at some point. 


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